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A view from outside sharpens the senses and makes it possible to find new solutions. Concentrating on one's own strengths while temporarily making use of external experts is becoming a success factor in the ever faster changing markets.

External know how as a business success factor

Since 1987, TMG´s technology experts have specialised in a wide range of tasks in the fields of product innovation, process innovation and market innovation. The lateral thinkers and problem solvers at TMG challenge the usual paradigms and relationship patterns and focus consistently on implementation that provides results.

Our aim is to sustainably increase the innovation capability of companies. In the face of this challenge, we have continually expanded our range of services over the years and successfully made them usable for our customers. Today, TMG does not just develop the basic components for innovation management; they support companies in the overall implementation of their critical innovation plans – from development to production up to the commercialization.

In addition to the technical competence, the factor „human" has become a crucial element for our project success. TMG technology and management consultants all have many years of industry experience and are highly qualified business engineers, industrial engineers or system analysts.

We facilitate interdisciplinary teams; help you think outside the box and challenge the usual paradigms and relationship patterns.
  • The constantly changing market and competitive environment increasingly requires more agile strategies and more interactive collaboration with companies. Concepts and solutions are no longer developed in projects but moderated directly. This requires a new qualification in moderation and the introduction of external technology and methodological knowledge.

We do not only facilitate interdisciplinary teams, but also introduce our sound knowledge.

We help you think outside the box and challenge the usual paradigms and relationship patterns.

We develop future-oriented concepts, define the required measures and help with their implementation.
  • Practical knowledge, knowledge from other companies and industries as well as a structured approach are the basic building blocks for successful concepts. However, a concept is only significant if the recommended actions are clearly described and the potentials are evaluated in monetary terms.

We ask the right questions and have the methods and tools to find the right answers.

A concept does not complete our job, we pragmatically assist in the implementation.

Project Coaching
We coach complex projects and with our many years of experience, we can help with the launch of new products, worldwide.
  • In many companies highly complex, interdisciplinary innovation projects often encounter an unprepared organizational structure. This kind of projects requires a technological system view. Project management can not adopt the necessary technological thinking as it almost exclusively focuses on controlling deadlines, costs and work packages.

We coach highly complex interdisciplinary innovation projects and provide our knowledge of methods and technology.

We establish project management offices and operate them by means of our tools.

Interim Management
We temporarily take the lead and support the companies with our expert know-how.
  • In the past, interim managers were temporary executives primarily, but this requirement has changed with the increasing technological change. Today, interim managers are not only leadership-oriented generalists, but specialists who temporarily develop new processes or business segments for companies.

We combine leadership and knowledge of methods and ensure that changes can be implemented goal-oriented and efficiently.

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